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Golden Glen Creamery Product Information
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  1. rBST or rBGH?
  2. Antibiotics?
  3. All-Natural -vs- Organic?
  4. Pasturized?


Do you use milk that contains rBST or rBGH?

No! Our milk comes from cows that are perfect just the way they are! The farm does not inject the cows with the synthetic forms of BST or BGH.


Do you use milk that contains antibiotics?

No! The milk that we use to make our cheeses and butters and cultured creams comes from healthy animals, and has never had a trace of antibiotics in the milk. Yes, the farm will use antibiotics on a sick animal if absolutely necessary – we feel that is the humane thing to do. If an animal is treated, they are removed from the milking string and milked separately, and then their milk is disposed of properly. They are allowed back in to the milking string when they feel better, and only when their milk is free and clear of all residues.


What is the difference between “All-Natural” and “Organic”?

The main difference between our “All-Natural” products and “Organic” products is that we do allow limited use of antibiotics, rather than no use at all. People ask us often why we do not transition to organic, and, as stated above, we believe that it is humane to treat ill cattle, if necessary, with antibiotics.

AND, when it comes to products, we only use ingredients that are straight-forward: no dyes, emulsifiers, stabilizers or preservatives.


Are your products made from pasteurized milk?

Yes, we pasteurize our milk using an older form of pasteurizing called “vat pasteurization”. This method uses lower heat and longer, slower heating times to gently pasteurize the milk without altering the taste or any of the good stuff.